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Speech & Language Therapy

Kristina provides 45-minute speech and language therapy sessions. If you have never had a speech and language therapy session prior to visiting Kristina, it is recommended to complete a speech and language evaluation at her virtual clinic. If you have had an evaluation at a another service provider, Kristina is happy to embed the service provider's recommendations into her treatment plan. To read more about Kristina's approach, please visit My Approach.

Please complete the attached intake form prior to your appointment:

Fee schedule:

  • Telehealth 60-90 minute evaluation: $120

  • In-home 60-90 minute evaluation: $150

  • Telehealth or in-home 60-90 minute bilingual evaluation (English and Spanish): $170

  • A sliding fee schedule  is available for all clients.

Request Appointment*

* when requesting an appointment, please indicate your availability and add a brief description of your speech and language concerns.

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